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Salesforce CRM
Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions. CRM is a tool that connects the customers and the company. In other words, all the departments of the company reintegrated into a single platform. When it comes to CRM, Salesforce CRM stays on the top due to many features. 
Using Salesforce, all the departments of your company such as Marketing, sales, development, and all the others can work as a whole unit. This will help you to serve your customer better. 
Here are some of the features that Salesforce CRM has, 
Why go with Salesforce CRM?
Here are some of the reasons why you should go with Salesforce.
You can increase the sales
Salesforce lets you see all the customer activities such as their social mention, communication, etc. You can use all of these tracking details to know your customer in a better way. Hence, close more deals and generate more amount of sales. 
Increase Productivity
First of all, all the departments can work on a single platform. The next thing why it will increase productivity is with the drag and drop workflow editor. You can complete all the process fast. Moreover, Salesforce CRM lets you keep a track on call logs, task, and other leads in real-time. 
Access anywhere
Not to mention, they have a mobile application for both IOS and Android. You can access the work details on the go whenever and wherever you need using the apps. You can see the insights from the desktop or you can do the same thing from your mobile phone too. The dashboard has a quick look at the data. You can go to a particular section to know more about it.
Marketing on the go
Did you know, CRM is not only useful for the management but also useful for marketing. Their marketing automation and lead generation features are all you need in order to generate more revenue. You can easily create a Pipeline which can easily convert and gives you a number of orders.